Ēkwabet is 30 years old! The monumental sculpture which graces the Riverwalk along the Fox River in St. Charles was installed and dedicated in 1988. The original maquette used by sculptor Guy J. Bellaver to create this fantastic public art piece is available in a Limited Edition.  It is priced for the anniversary at $3800.  To order this piece, or for further information, please call 630.584.4650, or e-mail info@BellaverStudios.com.

The Potawatomi Nation chose Billy Daniels of the Forest County Tribe to give the sculpture a name.  He created Ēkwabet which means “Watching Over”, and the Potawatomi returned to the city in 1989 to conduct a naming ceremony. Included in the Art Inventories Catalog of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Ēkwabet is an imposing and important piece of public art. This site is filled with more information about the project, the sculpture, and the artist.

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  1. Would you please Include somewhere on your website what the plaque states. It becomes blurry when you try to get details. I was trying to share this with someone today and could not remember verbatim. Since moving to champaign I really miss coming to this park! Thanks for the site.


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